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Hedgehogs Café Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to build supportive relationships with members of the community via parent and toddler groups, discussion groups and community cafés.

Life isn't always a piece of cake, but it is always best shared.


We love encouraging supportive friendships within local communities, because life is just that much better when we share each others highs and lows. A cup of tea has facilitated the start of many a happy friendship. We hope that when you visit Hedgehogs Café, you won't just find great food, but a great friend.


Fun and friendship go hand in hand. We seek to create a relaxed informal atmosphere where we can laugh and learn together. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine and we find that a bit of silliness can be a wonderful remedy to the routine busy-ness of life. 


We are just at the beginning of our adventures with Arty and Crafty. As we partner with more local organisations and set up in more communities, we don't know exactly where this might lead, but we are going to enjoy the journey and hope that you will enjoy it with us too.


Our founders 
Justyna and I met during our first pregnancies and found that we shared a passion for community, family and Jesus. One fateful day as we pondered ideas of how to combine work life with family life, we hit upon a child-friendly café, from which to run toddler groups and parenting courses. We felt that this would be a blessing not just to us, but to countless mums in the Suffolk area. The journey from dream to reality has been an exciting one and we are thrilled to be opening Hedgehogs Café in Stanton. We very much feel that this is not the end of the journey, but just the beginning.                                                                              - Eleanor Delport, Director and Co-Founder

Our team 
We have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, who share our vision and passion for community, fun and adventure. Most of our wonderful volunteers are from local churches and between us, we have a breadth of experience in hospitality, teaching and working with children. If you would like to volunteer with us, we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact information below.


Ethical Café 
We care, not just about the taste of our ingredients, but the welfare of those providing them. All of our tea, coffee and hot chocolate are sourced from ethical suppliers who ensure that growers, roasters and employees in logistical companies are receiving fair wages and working conditions. We also try to ensure that, where possible, our ingredients are organic and locally-sourced.

What does "not-for-profit" mean? 
Hedgehogs Café Limited is a company limited by guarantee. All of our profits will be either re-invested in order to grow Hedgehogs Café and help us reach more communities or they will be given to charitable organisations.


Email: Phone: +44(0) 7982998295
Company Number: 11081258